We, Lirunex Limited, have become aware of customers being approached by third parties imitating as Lirunex live chat representatives mainly in social chat applications (Skype, Telegram, and etc), offering various helps that ultimately require customers to transfer cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), to unverified addresses that do not belongs to Lirunex Limited.

Lirunex did not send this message nor did we authorise any party to send it. Any such request should be treated with extreme caution and we urge you not to reply or respond to it. Also, please do not follow any links, included in these messages.

We highly recommend the following security rules are followed:

Do not transfer any funds via any methods to accounts, addresses or links shown in live chat mechanism. Lirunex only accept payments via Lirunex Portal or requests via official Lirunex Finance email, [email protected].

Do not give your password to third parties (even to us). Access to your Lirunex portals should only be available to you

Do not send your password via email, social chat applications or SMS to anyone

Do not follow links from live chat messages with suspicious content. Always pay attention to the sender’s email address and the email format (if it differs from the usual format from official Lirunex)

Do not send your personal information and copies of documents upon request if you are unsure who exactly is requesting them. Lirunex will only requests these documents to be send to our support email, [email protected], or via Lirunex Portal ticket system

Do not install suspicious programs received from acquaintances and strangers, especially if the program was downloaded from a website that distributes illegal content

If you received any form of requests via unofficial channels, regardless if it is email or live chat messages, but are not sure whether it is from us, do not transfer any funds to it, do not follow any links contained within it and do not open any attached files. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will look into it.

All official information is posted on the Lirunex website and sent by email to all Lirunex customers. Our live chat system is only available through our official website, www.lirunex.com.

We understand this is a frustrating time for our customers, we are working tirelessly to assure our customers that their funds are safeguarded.