Accomplish your investment objectives

Lirunex Limited provides investors with advanced investment solutions through Portfolio Management to maximize their portfolio efficiency and hence their potential investment profits. This can be achieved by investing in a range of effective strategies managed by experienced traders who are analysing the market in order to offer Clients more investment opportunities and for better portfolio diversification.

The investment service of Portfolio Management is ideal for Clients with less trading experience and/or those that do not have enough time to invest themselves. This allows Clients not only to avoid the hassle of managing various trading accounts but also gives them the opportunity to trade with Lirunex strategies without spending their valuable time.

Take Advantage of:

  • High performance strategies: Invest in a range of high performing strategies that best suits your profile.
  • Most traded financial markets: Enter into the biggest and most liquid markets worldwide.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Diversify your portfolio using our sophisticated investment strategies.
  • Risk tolerance approach: Our investment portfolios are built in a way to satisfy your risk appetite.
  • Transparent Monitoring: Clients can easily monitor the transaction history of their accounts at any time.
  • Protected and Segregated Accounts: All portfolio accounts are off balance sheet and will not be used by Lirunex for its own purpose.
  • No exit barriers.

What is the process

5 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Open a Live Account

Step 2

Fund your Account

Step 3

Subscribe to a strategy that
best suits your risk profile

Step 4

Acknowledge and Accept the Terms and Corditions and the Investment Agreement of the Strategy

Step 5

Track your investments and
monitor the performance of
your portfolio